Silver Thread AN40 was developed with the stealth approach in mind. Designed with an incredibly small diameter, this line can really cover the distance. The AN40 formula is very limp and supple, making it a favorite among fishermen. If you require long casts and low underwater visibility to get close to the fish, look no further than AN40.

Available in original silver and low-visibility green.
Available sizes:

300 yard filler spools in 4 through 30 pounds.
3,000 bulk spools in 4 through 30 pounds.

Each filler spool of Silver Thread AN40 comes with an elastic Silver Thread line keeper.

Purchase Silver Thread AN40 now at or ask for it at your local tackle dealer.

"Silver Thread AN40 has an incredibly small diameter that gives me an extra foot of depth when I'm running deep-running crankbaits like the Fat Free Shad." — Frank Scalish, Bassmaster Tour Pro, 2002 Bassmaster Rookie of the Year.

Buy Silver Thread Fluorocarbon now at or ask for it at your local tackle dealer.

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